Over the years I have collaborated with a small network of expert designers, developers and print suppliers on a range of branding, design and website projects. I’ve also worked with marketing and media groups as a creative consultant – always with the client’s objectives in mind. I design not for myself, and not for the client, but in order to achieve their goals, which means designing for their market.


There’s a few things in the works. I like to work as a trusted partner, which allows ambitious and established businesses to achieve their outcomes  with confidence and ease. Get in touch for a chat.


Branding and Identity
Digital Illustration
Name Generation for new businesses
Brand Styleguides
Corporate Literature
Social Media Marketing
Layout and Typography
Photoshop Trickery
Making things look good
Art Direction
Photo retouching
Cooking and Eating Out
Avoiding Dishes


Clare has spent 16 years in small and large agencies in Perth and London, earning her dues before stepping back to work on her own creative endeavours.

2016-2020 – Design and Brand Consultant at Identity Perth (design/advertising agency in Perth)

2012-2016 – Design Consultant, working with own clients and freelancing at design and advertising agencies;

2010-2012 – Creative Director / Senior Creative at Loft Group (design/web agency in Perth);

2007-2009 – Senior Designer at STEEL London (large digital advertising agency in London);

2003-2007 – Designer at The Brains Trust (design/advertising agency in Perth).


“Over my 32 years experience of working with some great creatives and talent here at STEEL, I place Clare in my top 5. Always eager to get the best solution to any client brief, whatever the media – online or off. Clare went from strength to strength adapting from print designer to the world of online media, like a duck-billed platypus to water. She attained a senior creative position at STEEL London, where she was responsible for the full studio process of major design projects, before she returned to that far, far away land. Unlike most creatives and Antipodeans, Clare was rubbish at drinking, otherwise she might have been No. 1 in my all time list.”

Stuart Pearson
Managing Director, STEEL London

“As a director at Nude Design Studio, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Clare on a number of diverse projects. Not only is she witty (my word she is), but her professionalism and capabilities bring a sense of ease and order to our working relationship. Clare is the sort of person that takes responsibility and initiative at the right times whilst delivering an expected high standard or work for the client. And she manages to do this in a way that makes working life more enjoyable.”

John Durey
Director, Nude Design Studio

“I have worked with Clare on a number of clients for a number of projects, from start-ups to luxurious brands and her ability to adapt to each client’s needs is impressive. Her scope of experience has bought value to both my business as well as my clients and I have no hesitation in entrusting her with any brief. Clare has played an integral part in designing entire brand identities, websites and marketing collateral and all pieces have met the brief, are within deadline and on budget. Her vast experience and quality of work is what sets Clare apart from many in her field. Her ideas are endless, her passion for what she does – clear and the final products speak for themselves.”

Amanda Reid
Director, Mentor Marketing

“From designing a logo to supervising photography, crafting a pithy headline or art direction on a TV shoot, Clare has enthusiastically thrown herself at all challenges. It didn’t take me long to realise that she was happy to take on more and more. So much so that she ended up dealing with a demanding national franchise food chain by herself. Everything is pursued with good humour, style and skill.”

John Barnett
Creative Director, The Brains Trust

“Clare is a top notch designer who is also a great joy to work with. As a designer, she is both talented and skilled in that she knows her craft well but also has the intuition and natural sense to create excellent work. She thinks holistically about all aspects of her projects, the audience, the message, the medium. As a person she is responsible, trustworthy, charming, and generally a joy to have around. If she hadn’t moved back to Australia, I’d hire her again in London in a moment.”

Amanda Leat
Operations Manager, Tommy Digital Creative Agency (UK)

“Clare Rowlands has always provided the highest level of creativity coupled with true professionalism. I cannot speak highly enough about her ability to take a brief and consistently deliver stunning and memorable work. Clare is not only truly gifted but also has that rare attribute of being very personable, trustworthy, consistent and reliable. I highly recommend her. In fact, Clare is so good that I gave her an acknowledgement in my first book – The Pitching Bible.”

Paul Boross
The Pitch Doctor, Author of The Pitching Bible